FREE Webinar: Creating Corporate-NGO Partnerships

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 09:30

Why Attend?
Research demonstrates that Corporate-NGO partnerships continue to grow in importance, yet what is driving this growing trend of high-impact cross sector partnerships?

For businesses, consumers are increasingly looking for an ethical brand that truly lives out a social purpose. Add into this the challenge of engaging your workforce and attracting Generation Y, and it's clear that Corporate-NGO partnerships have moved beyond CSR and philanthropy, to become commercially imperative for many businesses.

For many NGOs, building the right kind of corporate partnerships is a huge challenge. With a shifting funding landscape, it is an area that many charities and NGOs want to focus on - but many lack the skills, resources, contacts or corporate sector knowledge to make it work for them.

In this FREE webinar CoCreate experts will explore the drivers behind Corporate-NGO partnerships, and outline key approaches for you to identify, approach and develop positive partnerships. Our experts will highlight current trends, key research, and high impact case studies to support you in building the business case for partnerships.

You should attend this webinar if you work for a charity or NGO and are involved in developing and managing corporate partnerships, or if you work for a business looking to develop or improve your partnership strategy. The workshop will be interactive, with full participation through a series of live surveys, together with a facilitated discussion and chance for questions

Places are limited so please register early to confirm your place!

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