CoCreating Collective Impact

CoCreate: Making Collective Impact Work

You have probably heard that old African proverb "Go alone if you want to go fast, go together if you want to go far", but in a world of competing funding and limited resources that is not always easy. We know, however, that social problems are complex and that very rarely can one organisation or project tackle all of the causes behind the issue - whether the issue of youth employment, the growth of non-communicable disease or the on-going challenge of HIV. In response to this an increasing number of organisations are showing the way forward, pioneering a Collective Impact approach to tackling these issues.

Organisations such as FSG and the Collective Impact forum have supported this movement by providing well-evidenced research and thought leadership that is supporting the growth of this approach. CoCreate aims to join the dots between the academic research and the creation of Collective Impact coalitions at ground level. We work help organisations to build the case for Collective Impact, uniting stakeholders behind a common vision and working with our impact measurement partner inFocus to enable projects to accurately measure their impact.

Download our short document here to find out more about our approach.

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