Michael Johnson Young Leader Program

When it comes to Leaders in Sport, there's not many people more impressive than Michael Johnson. Not only is he a four-times Olympic gold medallist, he's gone on to develop a incredibly successful career as a pundit, whilst at the same time building a well-respected elite athlete training centre called Michael Johnson Performance. What stands out about Michael is also his desire to contribute back, and so the Michael Johnson Young Leader Program was borne, as in Michael's words, all talent needs is a future.

The Young Leader program was developed through a partnership between Think Beyond, CoCreate and Coaches Across Continents, and was aimed at identifying young leaders and athletes from deprived communities around the world who were all using sport to tackle issues they faced in their own communities. From gender inequality in Zanzibar and Tibet to disability inclusion in Britain and America through to youth education in Brazil and Cambodia, this was a truly global group of inspiring young leaders.

CoCreate's role was to help them translate more of that leadership potential into reality, building their self awareness, equipping them to recover from setbacks and crucially developing their ability to lead under pressure. We integrated intensive leadership sessions around the physical performance elements led by Michael and his team. The result was powerful - a week long leadership accelerator for the young leaders attending, with follow-up support in place for each young leader back in their own communities.

Client Experience
"When we were putting the Michael Johnson Young Leaders program together, I knew we needed someone on board who understood leadership and who would inspire the young people. I knew from the first time we met that Andy was the right person for the job. His training style brings to life the leadership concepts most important to me - working within your sphere of influence, building resilience and developing the confidence to act and make a difference. It’s been a great start to the partnership and I’m looking forward to working together to help more young people to unlock their leadership potential.”
Michael Johnson, Four-times Olympic Gold Medallist