Trainline Executive Team Retreat

The Challenge
As the Trainline growth continues rapidly towards the £1bn mark, CoCreate was engaged to design an off-site that built trust and created alignment across a new Executive Team.

The Programme
We started by interviewing each member of the Executive Team to understand what mattered most to them, and the barriers they encountered in working together.

Working with our exceptional partner Threshold Sports (think David Walliams & Davina McCall Sport Relief Challenges) we took the team to a remote corner of the Lake District. Sharing the analysis from the pre-event interviews, we gained buy-in from the group by co-creating a vision of success. We then journeyed towards a mountain hut for the night, using the space to re-connect with personal values and motivations.

Sharing these deeply personal perspectives on personal values and how these are lived out each day built the trust needed for the team to have transformative conversations with one another.

The result was a powerful shared experience out of which emerged a closer, more human connection to one another and a deeper sense of purpose for the team.

"In my 20 years of working, this is the standout best event I have ever done with a team. I know my brain has been whirring in the few days post, thinking over the conversations we had and their implications, and I hear others say the same – you have definitely helped us go a level deeper in understanding ourselves and each other.  I think this will prove to be a very pivotal moment for us - That’s a lot to achieve in 2 days!"
Clare Gilmartin, Chief Executive Officer, Trainline