Corporate Partnerships at Oasis Academy Short Heath

Client: Oasis is Academy Short Heath is part of the growing network of Oasis Academies across the UK, with 40 Academy schools opened since 2004. Their mission is to create and sustain a network of excellent learning communities where pupils can realise their full potential.

Project: Having worked closely with the UK fundraising and corporate partnership team over the last 18 months, CoCreate were invited to translate the training courses and strategic planning sessions into a virtual format to support key staff members from the 10 countries worldwide where Oasis operate. The course had to be simple and practical, and most importantly it needed to increase capacity across Oasis to create more and better quality corporate partnerships.

Client experience:
“After attending CoCreate's Corporate Partnership training, I was inspired to look into how Oasis Academy Short Heath could benefit from links with local business. Before the training I knew nothing about corporate partnerships and it wasn’t something we’d been considering for Short Heath Academy. The training equipped me an understanding of corporate partnerships and how they help both charities and businesses. The main thing I took away from the training was how to make initial contact with local businesses to set plans in motion. Wilmott Dixon are contracted by Birmingham council to maintain thousands of properties in the area. Following the training, I looked at their website to find out more about their values, the ways they serve the local area and how to get in touch with the Corporate Social Responsibility department. Wilmott Dixon has now served our school in a number of ways, including making over the school’s outdoor area, fitting a new library. developing a reading scheme to read with children from across different year groups. We’ve been thrilled with the work Wilmott Dixon has done, and we believe pupils will be reaping the benefits for years to come. We are already speaking to other businesses which may be able to serve the nursery at Short Heath! ”
Wendy Cotterill, Assistant Principal, Oasis Academy Short Heath