What we do

We nurture networks, we support strategy, we unlock leadership, we CoCreate.

Design and Facilitation

We inject creativity and true collaboration into meetings and conferences.

Too many meetings of committed, talented people fail to deliver outcomes. Discussions get mired in conflicting ideas, whilst larger conferences and events can leave people feeling talked to death.

That’s why we design dynamic meetings, conferences and events that enable high-quality conversations to take place. We blend a focus on structure with an ability to respond in the moment and draw out emerging ideas and possibilities.

CoCreate meetings and events feel refreshing and distinctive, but more than that they join the dots between people and ideas, creating new possibilities and moving people to action.

Whether designing and hosting our Global Summit in Malaysia - which brought together more than 100 of our partners and grantees - or leading internal sessions with our team, CoCreate's insight, energy and expertise has proved hugely valuable to us on repeated occasions"Adam Fraser, Director, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

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