Who we are

Who we are

We are passionate about creating positive social change. That’s why we work with a huge range of organisations and networks to CoCreate the strategies, deliver the events and develop the leadership skills needed to make change happen.

CoCreation Principles

  • Listen deeply
  • Define your intent
  • Find common ground
  • Picture the future
  • Tackle thorny issues
  • Find your influence
  • Move people to action
  • Create the roadmap

The CoCreate Team

We are a growing team of consultants, all with backgrounds in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. CoCreate also works with a network of associate consultants to access a wide range of specialist skills and experience.

Annetta Henry, Project Manager

Annetta helps individuals and organisations succeed by providing the advisory, administrative and logistical support necessary to achieve their goals. Annetta has worked extensively with top leadership consultants and executives to deliver innovative cultural and people transformation programmes. Annetta manages to do all of this whilst also being (unofficially) the kindest person in the world.

Tom James, Senior Consultant

Tom has 15 years of experience working with organisations from across sectors to develop leaders and teams. He brings strategic advisory skills from his time at Brunswick, and expertise in the design and facilitation of talent and leadership programmes following six years at Three Hands. His strengths lie is in getting the best out of people and for developing purposeful collaboration. When he’s not working, he’ll tend be anywhere outdoors, often in the garden.

Mthoko Madonda, Associate Consultant

Mthoko is a valued associate member of the CoCreate team. Born in South Africa, a former professional basketball player, he exudes a calm energy and warmth that just sparks other people and draws their best from him. Equally at home working with young people or senior leaders, Mthoko will also persuade you to join him for a ramble around the English countryside where he lives.

Duncan Lydon, Senior Associate Consultant

Duncan has over 15 years experience in education, experiential learning and development training. He has held a number of roles during this time as a coach, facilitator, designer and Business Manager for a Global Leadership Development consultancy. During this time Duncan has travelled and lived in many different parts of the world, and brings a strong sense of adventure to his roles as a consultant, parent, husband, mountaineer and house builder!

Anathi Perfile, Associate Consultant (South Africa)

Anathi Pefile developed an early interest in people development. Having grown up in one of South Africa’s most disadvantaged townships, he realized that self-rejection was causing more harm than anything else. So he got involved in youth forums to explore creative ways to redeem esteem in young people. Anathi now develops curriculum and works with youth from all walks of life, and is passionate about restoring hope and dignity in those who are excluded.

Dr. Kate Simpson, Senior Associate Consultant

Kate is a skilled facilitator and executive coach with a specialism in experiential learning and leadership development. Her most recent position as Commercial & People Director for Wasafiri - a consultancy business working to deliver change in Africa - provided her with understanding of the challenges of leading and growing an international business working in emerging markets. Kate will also lure you into extreme endurance events given half an opportunity.

Geraldine Haley, Senior Associate Consultant

Geraldine has recently transitioned from her senior HR role for Standard Chartered, and has worked with numerous with CEOs, coaching and training senior leaders of many nationalities. Her style is underpinned with strong beliefs centred on self-awareness and playing to strengths as the route to outstanding performance. She is writing a book on truth telling in organisations

Andy Caldwell, Founder

Andy is the founder of CoCreate and has worked in the world of facilitation and leadership development development for over 10 years, having created inspirational leadership programmes and events for organisations including Sony, Google, the UN, and Olympian Michael Johnson. An accomplished executive coach, Andy's passion is for helping people to discover their best selves. Outside of work Andy is likely to be found roaming the countryside in lycra on two-wheels.

Richard Bennett, Strategic Advisor

Richard is a strategic advisor of CoCreate, bringing over 8 years experience from the corporate sector in leadership and CSR. At Sony Corporation he headed up the European Graduate Programme, pioneering new approaches to leadership development with CSR partner streetfootballworld. He holds a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge and outside of work is likely to be found under the ocean.

Anna Richardson, Associate

Anna is a new and vital member of the CoCreate team. Before joining she worked for Lambeth Volunteer Centre developing their business volunteer programme and supported numerous business-charity partnerships across London. She now helps to plan our training courses, manages events and looks after our social media. In between all of this you might find her talking about crewing on 'her' boat (it's not really hers) and planning her next trip.

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